"Metal matters - Heavy Metal als Kultur und Welt"

Die interdisziplinäre Tagung am 3. bis 5. Juni 2010 an der HBK Braunschweig, organisiert von Rolf F. Nohr und Herbert Schwaab

Anfang Juni 2010 hat die Tagung "Metal matters - Heavy Metal als Kultur und Welt" in Braunschweig versucht, eine Leerstelle der Kultur- und Medienwissenschaft mit auszufüllen und die Komplexität des Phänomens Metal herauszustellen. Dieser Blog bündelt die Perspektiven der Konferenz und versucht den dort interdisziplinär zusammengeführten Strom aus Ideen, Projekten und Perspektiven vorläufig fortzuführen.

Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

Journal for Cultural Research. Special Issue Metal Studies

Sehr interessante Beiträge zur Metal Forschung finden sich im Journal for Cultural Research, unter anderem auch mit einem Aufsatz von Deena Weinstein. Leider sind nur wenige Artikel online für alle zugänglich:

Journal for Cultural Research
Volume 15, Issue 3.

The Special Issue: Metal Studies is now available online! Visit www.tandfonline.com/rcuv to see the full table of contents, including free access to the following articles:

Heavy Genealogy: Mapping the Currents, Contraflows and Conflicts of the Emergent Field of Metal Studies, 1978-2010 by Andy R. Brown - goo.gl/fg1G6

Female Authority and Dominion: Discourse and Distinctions of Heavy Metal Scholarship by Brian Hickam& Jeremy Wallach - goo.gl/xtlc3

Journal for Cultural Research is an international journal, based in Lancaster University’s Institute for Cultural Research. It is interested in essays concerned with the conjuncture between culture and the many domains and practices in relation to which it is usually defined, including, for example, media, politics, technology, economics, society, art and the sacred.

Read the free sample copy of Journal for Cultural Research online at http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rcuv20/14/2.

For more information on Journal for Cultural Research visit www.tandfonline.com/rcuv.

Dienstag, 20. September 2011

CfP Heavy Metal Generations

Die mittlerweile vierte Tagung des Netzwerkes "Heavy Fundametalisms: Music Metal and Politics" steht an, vom 9.-11.5.2012 in Prag - hier ist das CfP, mehr infos gibts auf der Homepage:

The success of the heavy metal music movement is due in no small measure to its ability and openness to experiment, diversify and innovate. Throughout the 42 year history of heavy metal, these changes and innovations have led to a plethora of subgenres and spinoff musical styles, and also seen heavy metal interact culturally and artistically with other musical forms. Yet at the same time heavy metal remains doggedly ‘true’ to form. There is no doubt that heavy metal now exists across generations, languages and cultures. Now that some of its progenitors and orginators are no longer with us, what will the future hold for heavy metal?

As the identities that have been formed over heavy metal’s generations continue to make way for young blood, this the 4th conference in the series Heavy Fundametalisms: Music Metal and Politics abstracts on themes related, but not restricted to:

The Future of Heavy Metal
The Driving forces behind the movement: secrets of success
Too old to rock? Ageism and heavy metal
Live fast, die young!
Life after death
Somewhere in time: heavy metal and history
Heavy metal genealogies, heavy metal maps
Tribute bands and re-living the past
Globalisation of heavy metal
How local scenes sustain global metal across generations
Nu-metal vs old school
Heavy metal and the cultural voice
Genres and crossing over
Musical diversification metal and punk, jazz, blues, rock, rap, opera
Groupies at the age of 60 and beyond
How do time and place function in heavy metal’s signification
Is metal still too US/Euro centric?
Age, income and consumption of the heavy metal product
Heavy metal generations and festivals

Papers will be considered on any related theme. 300 word abstracts should be submitted by Friday 4th November 2011. If an abstract is accepted for the conference, a full draft paper should be submitted by Friday 9th March 2012.

Montag, 19. September 2011

Powermetal.de über "Metal Matters - das Buch"

Erika Becker gibt uns "Daumen hoch" in ihrem Beitrag "Metal Matters - ab in die Forschung"
Yeah thanx! Und weil sie die erste Rezensentin ist, gibts für sie ein "early bird reviewer beer" gratis auf der Buch-Präsentation (weitere Infos dazu demnächst)

Dienstag, 13. September 2011

Home of Metal, Wolverhampton & human rights

Ein interessanter Tagungsbericht der Home of Metal-Tagung hat es über die Times in die Times of Higher Education geschafft:

"The Times covered a two-day conference on heavy metal at the University of Wolverhampton on 5 September in a piece unlikely to dispel the popular misconception that academics tend towards self-indulgence. Scott Wilson, professor in media and cultural studies at Kingston University, cranked the absurdity up to 11 when he told the newspaper of his experiences playing a Motörhead song to a class. "Someone knocked and said: 'Can you turn it down, there's a physics exam next door.' Turn it down? It's Motörhead. It's my right as a teacher to play the music at the volume it should be," he said, identifying a hitherto unknown facet of human rights law."

Das wars dann auch schon - mehr scheints darüber nicht zu berichten zu geben... Macht aber nichts: die Anweisung ist auch so klar genug. Mehr Motörhead auch in deutschen Vorlesungshallen...