"Metal matters - Heavy Metal als Kultur und Welt"

Die interdisziplinäre Tagung am 3. bis 5. Juni 2010 an der HBK Braunschweig, organisiert von Rolf F. Nohr und Herbert Schwaab

Anfang Juni 2010 hat die Tagung "Metal matters - Heavy Metal als Kultur und Welt" in Braunschweig versucht, eine Leerstelle der Kultur- und Medienwissenschaft mit auszufüllen und die Komplexität des Phänomens Metal herauszustellen. Dieser Blog bündelt die Perspektiven der Konferenz und versucht den dort interdisziplinär zusammengeführten Strom aus Ideen, Projekten und Perspektiven vorläufig fortzuführen.

Montag, 10. März 2014

CfP: Metal and Cultural Impact: Metal’s Role in the 21st Century

Thursday, November 6-Saturday November 8
University of Dayton
Dayton, Ohio, USA

Call for Proposals
Metal Studies is a growing interdisciplinary field, connected to, though not limited to fields as diverse as Popular Culture, Leisure Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, History, English Studies, Music, Cultural and Critical  Studies, Gender Studies, Critical Theory, and Business and Economics.
This conference aims to examine Metal culture’s role in society throughout the world.  Does Metal seek to bring people together or pull them away from mainstream culture? Does it serve as a rallying cry for the oppressed throughout the world? Has its development over time negatively affected the quality of the music, or has the changing nature of our world made it that much more important to its fans, musicians, and those who control the industry? How has Metal music and its culture adapted with the changing world—or has it? And, as Metal continues to be a part of world cultures, how will it not only affect the world, but also how will it be affected by the world?
We welcome individual proposals or pre-formed panels that address any or all of these questions.  Possible individual themes that may be addressed include, but are not limited to:
*Metal and Culture               
*Perceptions of Metal
* Metal in the Future               
*Metal and Social Justice
*Economics/Business of Metal       
*Historicization of Metal
*Relevance of Metal Today           
*Metal as an Educating Tool
*Metal’s changing role in the World       
*Metal as Controversy
*Metal and the Grotesque           
*Metal and Religion
*Metal as Literature                
*Metal and Race
*Metal and Homoeroticism           
*Metal and Gender
*Metal’s influence on Society        
*Metal’s Fans
*Life on the Road               
*Metal’s role in the World Today/in the Past
*Metal as an educating Tool           

Please send a 300 word proposal which describes your individual presentation.  If you are part of a pre-formed panel, each member of the panel should submit an individual proposal, and the group should write a 500 word proposal which makes connections among the 3-4 members’ presentations, discussing how they work together to present/elucidate a particular theme or subject relevant to the conference.
Abstracts should be written in Microsoft Word with the following information included:
Author’s name
Institutional Affiliation (if there is one)
Job title
Email address
Title of the proposal
Proposal body
Proposals are due no later than May 2, 2014

Proposals should be sent to Bryan A. Bardine, Ph.D. at the following email address:

Papers from the conference will be published in a special issue of Metal Music Studies. The planning committee will invite a selection of the strongest authors to submit full papers.  Papers submitted will be subject to the usual peer review process, so selection to submit will not be a guarantee of a paper being accepted.

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