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Die interdisziplinäre Tagung am 3. bis 5. Juni 2010 an der HBK Braunschweig, organisiert von Rolf F. Nohr und Herbert Schwaab

Anfang Juni 2010 hat die Tagung "Metal matters - Heavy Metal als Kultur und Welt" in Braunschweig versucht, eine Leerstelle der Kultur- und Medienwissenschaft mit auszufüllen und die Komplexität des Phänomens Metal herauszustellen. Dieser Blog bündelt die Perspektiven der Konferenz und versucht den dort interdisziplinär zusammengeführten Strom aus Ideen, Projekten und Perspektiven vorläufig fortzuführen.

Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2013

Call for Art Submissions /// Helvete - With Head Downwards: Inversion in Black Metal

The curators of Helvete, a journal of black metal theory, invite visual artists to submit works for the journal’s Winter 2013 issue. Paralleling the co-editors’ call for articles, Amelia Ishmael and Elodie Lesourd beseech artists who are exploring “the theological, philosophical, political and aesthetic meanings of black metal
inversion in ways that stretch and distort the boundaries of its apparent simplicity.” The curators encourage contributors to consider the topic of inversion, but also the topics of reversal, rejection, descension, and negation. Special consideration will be given to those artworks which inquire if the notion of inverting presumes a relationship to gravity, and a sense of (opposing) direction(s), and how the experience of turning and over turning may be described: Which is up-side-down and which down-side-up?

Helvete is an open access electronic and print journal dedicated to continuing the mutual blackening of metal and theory inaugurated by the Black Metal Theory Symposia. Not to be confused with a metal studies, music criticism, ethnography, or sociology, black metal theory is a speculative and creative endeavor, one which seeks ways of thinking that “count” as black metal events—and, indeed, to see how black metal might count as thinking. Theory of black metal, and black metal of theory. Mutual blackening. Black metal as a language of contemporary art practices a transmodality between sound and vision, mutually blackening both art and metal, and thus pushing the limits of contemporary academic genres by definition.

Entries will be accepted through February 28, 2013. Artists will be notified of decisions in April 2013. The project is scheduled for publication in Winter 2013.

To submit
Proposals may be sent to the curators at helvetejournalart@gmail.com Each artist may submit 3 original images. Each file should be in jpg format, 1 MB, 300dpi, and at least 1000 pixels across. Files must be
titled with your last name, first initial, "underscore" and the correlating number to match the entry form. (Example: LesourdE_HeadsDown1.jpg)

In the body of your email please include an artist statement of 100-300 words and an image list. The image list should contain artwork titles, dates, and any other pertinent citation information you would
like considered. (Helvete will translate your image into a digital image scaled to the journal’s perimeters. If original data, such as medium or dimensions, should be considered in the reading of your image, this would be the place to note it.)

Please share this email with anyone you think may be interested. This Call is also available as a PDF

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